Monday, December 22, 2008

Up and Rolling

planning to start the big trip july 1, 2009, or perhaps earlier if the snow melts. i intend to ride southward, from banff national park in alberta (canada) down to antelope wells, new mexico, at the mexico border.

in other news, the new website,, is up and rolling! there are still many details to work out to make it complete. stay tuned for more updates.

rock and roll.


templarbond said...

Another fun adventure to follow, good for you Gracie.
I have just got an air saddle for my Coker and can't wait to try it out, short distances of course.
I'm watching this space and I'll convince my friends to do the same.
Well done.
Chris Slydel,
Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds immensely ambitious. Are you sure you want to do it solo?

Obviously you'll want to keep your load as light as possible. Checkout "ultralight backpacking" online for great ideas on lightening your load.


Tom said...

I'm so jealous; I've wanted to do this trip on uni, but haven't managed to make the time for it. Hope it goes great!

Anonymous said...

Here's a writeup of a trip not quite as crazy as the one you are planning. Maybe you've already read about it.

The packing list...

The trip writeup...

Very few others have managed long-distance, self-supported unicycle trips as far as I am aware. Plan carefully and test out all your equipment on shorter trips!


Anonymous said...

Awesome that you are going through with this! I remember you talking about it when you came through VA last year.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about the trip!


Anonymous said...

Note to Aaron:

This girl has tried it on a longer trip and made it already. See for her last epic uni venture - without a sagwagon...

Matthew Lee said...

Wow Ms. Sorbello, inspiring! We have confidence that by Antelope Wells, 1÷1 will still =1. Care to enter Tour Divide? Good luck with prep. Contact me if you need help with route beta and say hello to your 'sidekick' Matt (Duke `08) from Matthew of Cruiser-Tuesday in Carrboro, NC. Tell him to write us with an update!

Jacob said...

You are my new hero, Gracie.
Certainly one of the more remarkable adventures I´ve heard of in a long time. Made my day to come across your blog. Stoked.