Friday, August 28, 2009

Salida... like "saliva," but 23 times Awesomer.

Can we say "THANK YOU" enough? What more could we need besides full bellies, good rest, fun folks, dinner parties, post office runs, cycling companions, and good-night hugs?? Really, all that and more from the Hendens. Thanks, Arnie and Shelly!!

[Shelly & Arnie escorted us out of Frisco, through Breckenridge, and up toward Boreas Pass.]

[Scotty Bondo, KCMV Radio Morning Show host, interviewed us in the morning, and then rode out of town with us on his 36" unicycle! Thanks, Scotty - it was a real treat!]

["16" - Boreas Pass (11,482'), highest elevation so far]

[Matt, riding down from Boreas Pass through South Park (yes, the region after which the cartoon is named!)... oh yeah, and "park" is Coloradoan for "meadow."]

[Incredible. Seriously. Aspen and spruce lined the way... and photogenic powerlines. Some of the aspen leaves have started to change color - fall is coming, and so is snow!
This was taken just 12 miles above Salida.]

[The Sawatch Range, a line of "14ers" (peaks over 14,000 feet), a section known as the "Collegiate Peaks," named for some well-known universities.]

The above picture was our view descending the watershed divide into Salida this morning. We will spend a few hours here in Salida revamping our equipment to minimize weight, and maximize efficiency - trying to finish September 16! It will certainly be a test of willpower and pain tolerance, but so goes unicycle touring.

Until next time!

Yours truly,
Team Blazing Saddle Sores


Shiloh and Samantha Sorbello said...

finish strong!

HayOpe said...

You guys are doing SUCH an awesome job! Ride hard...

rhondajo said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for the updates!! Godspeed! :)

Mom said...

LOVE the sunset/aspens/powerlines picture!

two weeks!!!

Can't believe it's the home stretch! Power on. Eyes on the finish line. Think of Sarah headed for the pizza parlor... :)

Mack Malloch said...

Yup, you gus still rock my socks! Your almost there!

Anonymous said...

My mom Colleen loved the Saliida area.Love your pictures.Again you guys area great inspiration.Uncle Richard

Daddy said...

THE END IS NEAR! Of the trip, that is. Looking forward to seeing you soon!